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Dr. Browns Natural Flow Ultra-Preemie Nipples - Clear

Dr. Browns Natural Flow Ultra-Preemie Nipples - Clear - SN611-MED

by: Dr. Browns Natural Flow

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Designed to address the specific needs of infants learning to coordinate breath and rest during feedings, Dr. Brown’s Ultra-Preemie Nipple flows 35% slower than Dr. Brown’s current preemie nipple. This latest innovation is intricately crafted and rigorously quality controlled to ensure a consistent and accurate flow rate of each nipple.

The slower flow of Dr. Brown’s Ultra-Preemie Nipple was created through a cohesive effort between medical professionals in the field of feeding and swallowing and the expert engineers at Dr. Brown’s. Constructed with 100% silicone and BPA free, Dr. Brown’s Ultra-Preemie Nipples are an ideal solution for specialists responding to infants with exceptional feeding conditions.

Dr. Brown’s Ultra-Preemie Nipples are safe for use in microwave steam sterilizer bags for convenient, easy cleaning in a clinical environment. Available in a bulk 24-pack of individually wrapped nipples designed for use with Dr. Brown's Natural Flow standard bottles, as they are durably designed to withstand the rigors of consistent use in hospital NICU's.

Dr. Brown's Medical is committed to finding solutions for infants with critically compromised feeding issues, improving their outcomes and providing a smooth transition home.